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Are you looking for a firm large enough to offer a full array of bookkeeping, taxation, and consulting services, but small enough to know you on a personal level? Then look no further. Founded in 1992 EBPI is a group of professionals offering top-notch credentials and experience. Whether you need bookkeeping, tax planning, tax return preparation or small business consulting, we will give you the full resources you would expect from a larger firm while maintaining the personal touch.

TAX RETURN PREPARATION: EBPI is staffed exclusively by tax professionals enrolled to practice before the IRS. While we are not CPAs we are, as EAs, held to high standards by the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility. We are required to maintain a certain level of education and are fully vested in our business. We prepare taxes, for individuals, businesses, non-profits and trusts, while providing all the services needed to fully comply with Federal and state laws. This is what we do.

STARTING A NEW BUSINESS? Call us, 1-781-237-8934, it's what we do. You likely have an idea about what needs to be done but we can tell you exactly where the pitfalls are and what will make your new venture run smoothly. What type of entity should you be? Do you need an Employer Identification Number (EIN)? What does the State want? What does the IRS want? Is sales tax a problem? What causes new businesses the most trouble?

QUICKBOOKS TRAINING: If you feel confident about keeping your own books then give us a call. We can get you started using Quickbooks, the right way. Avoid all the beginner pitfalls and make sure the numbers you rely on are, in fact, correct.

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SECURE FILE UPLOAD: Please select this link to upload any files containing personal information to our offices. This is a Massachusetts law. Emails are easily intercepted and passwords provide little protection. If you wish to provide us with any documentation containing personal information, via email, you need to do so using this link.

IDENTITY THEFT: This is a big issue with the IRS. EBPI takes careful steps to secure your personal information. All discarded documents are shredded. Any laptops that might have personal information on them are encrypted. Our computer networks are protected by up-to-date firewalls and antivirus programs. Any online transmissions of data are via encrypted systems. You need to do your part as well. NEVER SEND ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION IN AN EMAIL, to us or anyone else. If you want to send us a notice or other information use our secure file upload system.

DONATION VALUE CHECKLIST: Click on this link to get to a list of appropriate values to assign to your non cash donations.